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Bioclin joins WAMI to ensure drinking water for communities that do not have access to it

WAMI – Water with a Mission is an organization born in 2016 with the purpose to give sustainable and equitable access to drinking water for all. How? By donating, for each product sold, 100 liters of drinking water to water projects that involve communities without access to this resource. Bioclin joins WAMI in this mission: for each Bio-Ocean or Bio-Volume product sold, Bioclin is committed to donating 100 liters of drinking water to the families involved in the project, allowing those who buy it to compensate part of their water footprint. What is a water footprint? It is an indicator of water consumption that corresponds to the total volume of fresh water used to produce the goods and services used by an individual in a single unit of time.

Projects in partnership with Wami

Shower Gel & Body Lotion

responsibility and respect for the skin and our planet

With Bio-Ocean line, Bioclin confirms its mission: to be the perfect integration between scientific research, efficacy, biodiversity safeguarding and protecting future generations. The idea of sustainability that the brand has always promoted passes through the protection of both people and the environment. For Bio-Ocean products, Bioclin has selected sustainable active ingredients and recycled and recyclable packaging, designed to care for the well-being and beauty of the skin, while having the smallest impact on the ecosystem. Through WAMI, Bioclin completes its mission by guaranteeing access to safe water for the Londrekes project, in the Nija Panda District, Tanzania. By purchasing the Bioclin Bio-Ocean Shower Gel or Body Lotion, you will donate 100 liters of drinking water to the families of this village: a small gesture which can make a difference. Scan the QR code on WAMI products and cans to discover the project.

Volumizing Shampoo and Mask

Protection of biodiversity and social

Bioclin Bio-Volume line, designed to restore body and volume to thin hair, is the perfect union of efficacy and sustainability. The Volumizing Shampoo and Mask formulas contain over 90% natural active ingredients and support the Slow Food Presidium of Moretta di Vignola Cherry. With Bio-Volume, Bioclin supports WAMI’s projects: when you buy a Shampoo or Mask from the line, you will contribute to donating 100 liters of drinking water to families in the Central District in the village of Salasaca, Ecuador. Scan the QR code on WAMI products and cans to discover the project.

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