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We believe that respect for ourselves, for others, and for the environment are universal values.
Every company decision and production phase hinges on the belief that less is more and that through meticulously-selected ingredients we can provide a product that is both sustainable and effective.

The importance of raw materials and the rediscovery of green values are reflected in our decision to use FSC-certified recyclable packaging.
Simplicity and authenticity become synonymous with reliability.

The fact that preserving and protecting the environment lies at the core of every business decision makes Bioclin Dermonatural Laboratories a sustainable brand whose responsibility goes beyond the products themselves.
Our brand tells a story that is interwoven with languages, experiences, and the future of the new generations.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility means the ability to integrate our operations with the utmost respect for all of our stakeholders, serving as a testament to our commitment to safeguarding and preserving our environmental resources for the benefit of future generations.

Istituto di Ricerche Biochimiche Ganassini is a leading dermo-cosmetics brand 100% designed in Italy. The company’s values are based on creating a family culture, upholding the brand’s long-standing pharmaceutical tradition, and pursuing international ambitions.

Our Environmental Management System is certified by Verde Dentro, the first and only power supplier that issues double certification to guarantee green origin and conducts energy efficiency analyses.

We design and implement solutions to make the recycling of our composite packaging materials as environmentally efficient as possible. We collaborate with universities, research centers and trade associations on innovations in packaging, recycling, recovery, and re-use to find advanced and eco-friendly alternatives, like the use of biodegradable and eco-compatible materials.

We work to guarantee that 100% of the paper we use is sourced from forests certified by FSCTM (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) and from other controlled sources.

We comply with European Union directive 2003/15/EC that has prohibited animal testing of finished cosmetic products since 11 September 2004. The ban on animal testing of cosmetic ingredients became effective on 11 March 2009. We are strongly committed to selecting and using ingredients that have not been tested on animals and request non-animal testing statements from its suppliers.

All of our products are tested to measure levels of nickel, cobalt, chrome, palladium, and mercury, the metals majorly responsible for skin sensitization.

Parabens are substances used to preserve cosmetics, medications and food. Although toxicology tests have shown parabens to be safe, in certain subjects they can cause adverse reactions. This is why our products are formulated without the use of parabens.

Bioclin is continuously committed to guaranteeing to its customers truly sustainable products with zero environmental impact. Product ingredients are plant-based and biodegradable. This means that once their components are reintroduced into the environment, in contact with water and soil, they in turn break down into water, carbon dioxide, and minerals. Essentially, they emit zero pollution because the use of plant-based raw materials ensures that the net balance of CO2 is nil (the only CO2 emitted is the one absorbed by the plant). And that’s good news — for us and for the environment.

R-PET is the plastic material that has enabled manufacturers to best interpret the logic of recycling through the development of an innovative system for reclaiming and recycling waste. The result is a secondary raw material able to protect and preserve the integrity of cosmetic formulas and ensure outstanding aesthetic features that meet the highest quality standards.