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Bioclin and Slow Food: an environmental love story

Bioclin has taken up the challenge of sustainability by embarking on a productive collaboration with the Slow Food for Biodiversity Foundation, the operational arm of Slow Food striving to protect biodiversity in food.


By providing direct support to Slow Food producers, Bioclin has been able to support traditional small producers, benefiting local communities, professions and ancient processing techniques while protecting autochthonous species of fruit and vegetables.



Our support for Slow Food has allowed us to launch a process of salvage and transformation of waste materials from the food industry. The raw materials, obtained from selected local suppliers belonging to the Slow Food network, are processed using a delicate water-based extraction method to obtain substances that are rich in active ingredients and can be used in all cosmetic formulations.

No chemical solvents are used, further increasing the level of safety of these low- environmental-impact products.

Slow Food collaboration projects

Bio-Essential Orange
Hair & Shower Gel

Bio-Essential Orange:
biodegradable hair and shower gel
made from Gargano oranges

Thanks to our support for Slow Food Gargano oranges, we are able to salvage organic blood oranges used in the production of fruit juice. We extract an organic, environmentally sustainable water from the oranges using a process that protects the trace elements and functional active phytochemicals in the oranges.

Phylcare Aquae Red Orange Bio 99% was then incorporated into our formulation for Bio-Essential Orange, creating an environmental and biodegradable hair and shower gel enriched with a precious orange essential oil.

Shampoo e Mask

Bio-Hydra protects
the beneficial properties
of ancient Etna apples

In the fields on the slopes of Etna, situated inside what is now a Natural Park, four ancient varieties of apples are grown. The Cola, white and speckled, the Gelato, super-sweet and straw-coloured, the Gelato Cola, which is a mix of the two previous varieties, and finally the Cirino (of which there are very few trees at the moment), which has cerulean-blue peel and lots of reddish veining.

Bioclin made the decision to protect this precious apple biodiversity by supporting a small producer and their local cultivation. This led to the creation of a Bioclin plantation of 50 new fruit trees, making a significant contribution to the future of these autochthonous varieties.
As they grow, the trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, helping to improve the air we all breathe.

The apples not destined for sale are then reused for the extraction of the active ingredients used in the Bio-Hydra line.

Shampoo, Lotion, Food supplement

Our commitment to safeguarding the Guaranà
Slow Food Presidium and the Sateré-Mawé

Guarana is not simply a plant that yields unusual red fruits with white pulp and seeds that contain precious natural active ingredients; to the indigenous Sateré-Mawé people North of the Amazon it is a source of sustenance, and symbolises a local agricultural tradition that defies the forces of industrialisation.

The Bioclin Dermonatural Laboratory, which has always been mindful of the need to protect biodiversity, decided to develop this local production which, in 2007, became the Slow Food Presidium. This is how Bio-Force emerged: a line with an invigorating, anti-hair loss action formulated using guarana water sourced from this small Slow Food Presidium.  

A valuable collaboration that combines ecological awareness in support of local communities with advanced scientific research in the field of dermo-cosmetics for the treatment of devitalised hair, with total respect for biodiversity.

Volumizing Shampoo and Mask

The valuable properties and sensoriality of
Moretta di Vignola Cherry in Bio-Volume line

Grown in the area around Modena since the 19th century, this cherry variety began to be widely sold in the early years of the 1900s. In the 1940s and 1950s it represented more than 25% of the cherry production in the area. Today its production has been reduced to just a few tons.

The Moretta di Vignola Slow Food Presidium was created in 2018 with the purpose of rediscovering and giving value to Moretta di Vignola cherry, both for its organoleptic characteristics and for its social and environmental value. The results of the research project supported by the Vignola Foundation and the Municipality of Vignola have shown that the Moretta di Vignola: is richer in polyphenols and anthocyanins than other cherry varieties; naturally grown, it has a higher content in polyphenols and anthocyanins and greater antioxidant properties compared to those of fruits cultivated in traditional and high-density plants. Bioclin has decided to protect this precious biodiversity by supporting small producers and their local crops by adding Moretta di Vignola Cherry Extract in Bio-Volume Shampoo and Mask formulas, designed to give volume, strength, and shine to thin hair.

The sea:
the most precious thing on the Earth.
Bioclin and Slow Fish.

Bioclin supports Slow Fish, the event – which is held in Genoa’s Old Port – working to raise collective awareness of the importance of the sea. Slow Fish aims to convey the message that the sea is a complex, delicate asset whose health depends on all of us. The initiative focuses on positive messages and best practices that we can adopt to protect the seas and oceans, demonstrating how consumers, fishermen, cooks and scientists can do their bit for the cause. We can all do something –the key concept is that of “sustainable fishing”, i.e. the commitment to only catching fish that the ecosystem can do without. Our seas and oceans are rich in biodiversity, yet we tend to focus our attention on a very small number of fish species such as cod, bream, tuna and salmon. This approach poses a threat to the survival of entire species, compromising the marine balance.

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