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Bioclin and Slow Food: an environmental love story

Bioclin has taken up the challenge of sustainability by embarking on a productive collaboration with the Slow Food for Biodiversity Foundation, the operational arm of Slow Food striving to protect biodiversity in food.

Solidarity with small producers

By providing direct support to Slow Food producers, Bioclin has been able to support traditional small producers, benefiting local communities, professions and ancient processing techniques while protecting autochthonous species of fruit and vegetables.

One person's waste is our treasure

Our support for Slow Food has allowed us to launch a process of salvage and transformation of waste materials from the food industry. The raw materials, obtained from selected local suppliers belonging to the Slow Food network, are processed using a delicate water-based extraction method to obtain substances that are rich in active ingredients and can be used in all cosmetic formulations.

No chemical solvents are used, further increasing the level of safety of these low- environmental-impact products.

Slow Food collaboration projects

Bio-Essential Orange

Hair & Shower Gel

Bio-Essential Orange:
biodegradable hair and shower gel
made from Gargano oranges

Thanks to our support for Slow Food Gargano oranges, we are able to salvage organic blood oranges used in the production of fruit juice. We extract an organic, environmentally sustainable water from the oranges using a process that protects the trace elements and functional active phytochemicals in the oranges.

Phylcare Aquae Red Orange Bio 99% was then incorporated into our formulation for Bio-Essential Orange, creating an environmental and biodegradable hair and shower gel enriched with a precious orange essential oil.

Mother Earth.
Food as the key
to building the future.

Bioclin will be in attendance at Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto 2020, one of Italy’s biggest food events. Terra Madre focuses on delicious, clean, healthy food and explores food and environmental policies that need to be implemented to ensure sustainable development and biodiversity in the agrifood sector.

The objective is an ambitious one: to lead the way in changing the future of food, celebrating those who strive to protect the land, uphold animal wellbeing and protect our shared assets.

Alongside local producers of Gargano oranges and ancient Etna apples, Bioclin will have the chance to restate its commitment to local growing and bang the drum for the responsible, innovative use of waste generated by industrial production.

The sea:
the most precious thing on the Earth.
Bioclin and Slow Fish.

Bioclin supports Slow Fish, the event - which is held in Genoa’s Old Port - working to raise collective awareness of the importance of the sea. Slow Fish aims to convey the message that the sea is a complex, delicate asset whose health depends on all of us. The initiative focuses on positive messages and best practices that we can adopt to protect the seas and oceans, demonstrating how consumers, fishermen, cooks and scientists can do their bit for the cause. We can all do something –the key concept is that of “sustainable fishing”, i.e. the commitment to only catching fish that the ecosystem can do without. Our seas and oceans are rich in biodiversity, yet we tend to focus our attention on a very small number of fish species such as cod, bream, tuna and salmon. This approach poses a threat to the survival of entire species, compromising the marine balance.

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