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Hibiscus phytopigment
Cold highlights

The extracts of this tinctorial plant are obtained by pulverising dried flower calyxes from Hibiscus Sabdariffa, a plant native to West Africa. When used in hair dyes it creates tones that range from cool pink to plum red, depending on the base colour. It is often combined with lawsonia, to "calm" the red of the henna.

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Rhubarb phytopigment
Brown highlights

This is a medicinal plant native to China (Rheum officinale or Rheum rhapomticum). The powder obtained by crushing the rhizome or leaves of this plant has remarkable dyeing properties that have been known and valued since ancient times, particularly in the textile field. When the resulting extract is added to a dye, it gives the hair intense warm yellow glints, and is useful for creating or highlighting blond tones.

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Henna phytopigment
Chocolate highlights

Henna is a powder obtained by crushing the dried leaves of Lawsonia Inermis. It can rightfully be considered the queen of tinctorial herbs, as it is the only permanent natural colour. Indeed lawsone, the compound found in henna, is the only one that definitively binds to the keratin in our hair. This is why henna is essential for covering grey hair: its dyeing pigment does not leak away over time, but instead forms a permanent layer over the hair.

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Walnut husk phytopigment
Dark blond highlights

Walnut husk extract is obtained by crushing the husk, which is the inner part of the peel that covers the walnuts. Its brown pigment has a reflective effect that gradually darkens light hair, accentuating natural chestnut shades.

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Chamomile phytopigment
Blond highlights

Chamomile is a tinctorial herb that can be used to create attractive blonde highlights and soothe the scalp.

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Turmeric phytopigment
Golden yellow highlights

In addition to its well-known culinary uses, the powder derived from Curcuma Longa is a powerful dye when used on the hair. It does not contain any true lightening agents, but it releases an intense golden yellow colour that borders on a cool shade, which results in a lightening effect on the hair. The extract obtained from the rhizome is therefore ideal for creating shine on light hair, giving it attractive, golden hues.

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Madder phytopigment
Intense blond highlights

The extracts of this tinctorial herb can be used to obtain mostly warmer shades. From April to June the plant produces small flowers with a yellow corolla, which then develop rounded, blackish fruits with only one seed.

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Saffron phytopigment
Golden highlights

Its use in hair dyes is highly recommended for those who use colourants with blond shades: its ability to make the colour shine is very helpful, particularly in cases where the blond tones have taken on an unattractive yellowish appearance. In fact saffron helps to emphasise golden highlights.

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