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Vitamin E

Moisturizing and soothing

Vitamin E is the main anti-oxidant lipophilic molecule found in the skin. Vitamin E is present in both of the main tissue layers of the skin: the dermis and epidermis, even in the corneus layer. It is held that its anti-radical properties play a key role in the protection (and photo-protection) of biomolecules against oxidative stress. For this reason it is widely used as a natural anti-oxidant in formulations for topical use. There are many biological benefits to applying vitamin E topically. These include inhibition of lipidic lipoperoxidation, stabilization of the biological membranes, limitation of damage caused by exposure to UVB rays, anti-inflammatory action (mediated by anti-radicalic activity), and protection of Langerhans cells. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant and inhibits the oxidation of sebum components, which is one of the causes of volatile fatty acids and bad odor. Some studies have evidenced synergic action between anti-oxidant molecules and certain active ingredients, in particular triethyl citrate.

Normal perspiration


Anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and hydrating

Xylitol is the alcohol derived from xylose, a pentose sugar. Xylitol can be found in fruits, vegetables, and seaweed and is a natural intermediate product of carbohydrate metabolism in humans and animals. On the skin, Xylitol has two main benefits: 1) Because it is a sugar, it traps in body moisture and has a hydrating effect. 2) It also helps control bacterial growth. More specifically, it inhibits bacteria and bacterial biofilms from adhering to the mucous membranes and skin. In the Bioclin Deo range, Xylitol helps control bacterial growth and boosts the deodorizing action of the deodorant products as it hydrates.

All types of perspiration

Birch Leaf Extract

Anti-perspirant and astringent action

Birch is a plant belonging to the Betullaceae family that grows in cool, wet soils up to altitudes of 800-1,000 m. The tree grows to heights of up to 25-30 meters; the foliage has a closed hut-like shape; the trunk is upright with a great many branches and the bark is grey-brown and smooth on young trees before becoming blacker and cracked with age. When used on the skin, birch leaf extract has an anti-perspirant and astringent action that, in synergy with the product’s other deodorizing active ingredients, is particularly effective for preventing the excess perspiration caused by stress.


Anti-bacterial function

Sage oil is an essential oil obtained from steam distillation. The main components include 1,8-cineole, camphor, α-thujone, β-thujone, borneol and viridiflorol. It is effective in deodorants for its anti-bacterial, astringent, anti-drotic, and soothing properties. Because of its proven anti-bacterial properties, sage oil is considered a good alternative to antibiotics, an effective remedy for oral cavity infections, and a natural food preservative.

Perspiration of allergic skin

Aloe Barbadensis Gel

Moisturizing and soothing

Aloe originates from Africa and is filed under the Liliaceae family. The part of the plant used for therapeutic purposes is the leaf, from which it is possible to obtain two different extractions that differ in terms of composition and pharmaceutical properties: the juice (rich in antrachinone glycosides) and the gel (rich in water, polysaccharides, lecithin, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and organic acids). Aloe gel is used on the skin and internally for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.It is effective on sunburns, burns, skin ulcers, fissures, sores, radiodermitis, dermatitis, lichen planus, and acne. Aloe gel is also widely used in cosmetic products for its soothing qualities. The healing and hydrating powers of aloe gel are also useful for treating insect bites, small wounds, abrasions, and dermatitis. The cytoprotective action of the oligosaccharides is used to alleviate sunburns. A study has evidenced that the application of aloe gel on the skin within 48 hours of UV exposure can reverse the immunosuppressive action of UV rays, reactivating the immune response to skin lesions and stimulating collagen synthesis. Further scientific evidence has been obtained from in vitro testing as to the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties of the gel against human pathogens.

Excessive perspiration

Witch hazel

Astringent function

Witch hazel extract has an astringent function that has decongesting, soothing, and refreshing effects.

Perspiration due to hormonal changes

Vitamin C

Antioxidant, restructuring and depigmenting action.

Vitamin C contains active antioxidants that inhibit lipid peroxidation, and it also performs a restructuring action as it increases skin collagen synthesis and inhibits collagen degradation. Thanks to its depigmenting properties, it reduces oxidized melanin (brown-black pigment) through peroxidase, which transforms back into leucomelanin (colorless).

Perspiration in intimate areas

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