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Our founder, Domenico Ganassini, is born. From his teenage years onwards, he develops a passion for studying and chemical and biochemical research.


Istituto di Ricerche Biochimiche Ganassini - parent company to Bicolin - is founded in Milan. The company is an example of Italian excellence: from the development of the formulas to the packaging, the entire process is founded on “designed in Italy” approach to dermocosmetics. 


The Ganassini Foundation is founded. Its aim is to fund, select and support deserving researchers and scientific projects.


The Bioclin Dermonatural Laboratory is founded in Milan. An innovative brand in the dermocosmetics market, its aim is to forge new bonds between scientific technology, nature and personal care.


The company takes the strategic decision of bringing its entire production operation together at one facility. It proves to be a revolutionary move, which allows the company to design and sustainably produce all of its products on-site, as well as optimising production methods and ensuring constantly high standards.


The fourth generation of the founding family - Anna Maria, Giuseppe Vittoria and Benedetta Ganassini - officially becomes part of the company: the move further strengthens the company and prepares it to tackle the sustainability challenges posed by the new millennium.


From their Milan headquarters, drawing on the expertise and success they have built up in Italy, Istituto Ganassini and Bioclin expand their presence overseas.


The Sustainability Report is produced for the first time. The aim of the report is to communicate our efforts and actions in the fields of ethics, sustainability and social commitment to our stakeholders.

Present day

Bioclin’s passion for combining skin and haircare with wellbeing, natural active ingredients with technology and scientific objectivity with dermatological subjectivity will now face a new challenge: creating sustainable cosmetics which combine the fruits of research with the need to ensure environmental protection.

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