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3.38 fl.oz. spray


Subtly scented

Specially formulated deodorant for preventing odor in the most intimate parts of a woman’s or man’s body. Featuring a subtle scent, it provides long lasting comfort and protection all day long.

72% of natural active ingredients


• Paraben and gluten-free
• Contains an environmentally friendly propellant
• Clinically and dermatologically tested
• Tested for nickel, cobalt, chromium, palladium and mercury

* Contains less than one part per million each. Small amounts may cause skin sensitivity.


• prevents odor
• destroys or inhibits growth of bacteria
• shrinks pores, absorbs oil and reduces sweat
• inhibits odor (converts the volatile fatty acids that cause odor into odorless salts).


The groin area is home to a number of apocrine sweat glands and sebaceous glands. It also tends to remain warm and moist, as the build-up of apocrine sweat and sebum (oil), create the optimal conditions for the growth and increased metabolism of microflora on the skin. Bioclin Deo Intimate is the ideal solution because it keeps sweat and odor under control in the long term, does not inhibit the natural perspiration process or physiologically alter the skin’s pH balance.

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