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3.38 fl.oz. spray



Specially formulated, unscented spray deodorant for preventing the pungent and persistent perspiration that occurs during periods of high hormonal fluctuation, such as adolescence, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and pre-menopause.

85% of natural active ingredients


• Paraben, alcohol, gluten and propellant-free
• Clinically and dermatologically tested
• Tested for nickel, cobalt, chromium, palladium and mercury*

*Contains less than one part per million each. Small amounts may cause skin sensitivity.


• prevents odor
• destroys or inhibits growth of bacteria
• shrinks pores, absorbs oil and reduces sweat
• inhibits odor

(convert the volatile fatty acids that cause odor into odorless salts).


The changes that occur to hormonal balance during puberty or menopause can have a significant impact on body odor, giving it a particularly pungent smell. Bioclin Deo Active is the ideal solution to counteract the problem of persistent perspiration because it keeps sweat under control in the long term, prevents and neutralizes odor from sweat build-up, and leaves skin feeling fresh and dry.


Aluminum-based compounds are common active ingredients in deodorants because they obstruct the sweat glands and stop odor-causing bacteria from reproducing. Some researchers think that the skin may absorb aluminum and modify estrogen receptors in breast tissue. Since many tumors react to a concentration of estrogens, it could in theory increase the risk of contracting breast cancer. At this time, however, there is no sound evidence that aluminum can spread to breast tissue through the skin (one major study has shown the very minute amount of .012% did indeed spread to breast tissue). In fact, the amount of metal in food that reaches breast tissue is actually much higher than any aluminum doing the same transdermally.

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