It is a biodegradable hair and body cleanser, specifically developed for the sensitive skin and normal hair of all the family.

It is formulated according to eco-sustainable logic favouring recovery and upgrading of waste material, with a view to minimising both its impact on the environment and wastage of resources.

The product is formulated with Phylcare Aquae Red Orange Bio 99%, a BIO and eco-sustainable water derived from organic red oranges recovered from the industrial process for production of fruit juices. This water is obtained directly from the fruit by a physical extraction process that completely preserves the trace elements and functional active phytochemical ingredients of oranges.

Its pleasant perfume and the presence of orange essential oil confer the benefits of aromatherapy to it, offering moments of relaxation for both body and mind.
Parabens, color, SLS and SLES free
Delicate cleansing system
Clinically and dermatologically tested
Nickel, cobalt, chrome, palladium, and mercury* tested

Designed according to principles of eco-sustainability achieved by:

– combining recycled and recyclable materials with the highest technical performance, using a system of recovery and upgrading of waste;
– choosing biodegradable packaging labels, to protect the environment;
– a bottle design that optimises spaces during packaging, storage and transport, with a view to minimising its impact on the environment and wastage of resources.
With Bioclin Bio-essential Orange Hair & Shower Gel, Bioclin achieves its commitment to safeguarding environmental resources for future generations by supporting Slow Food Presidia in Italy, and in particular the Presidia of the agrumi del Gargano.

In the 19th century, oranges, lemons and Seville oranges from this area of Apulia were transported by sea in the holds of ships sailing to the United States and England. The farming crisis of the mid-20th century also endangered the gardens of the Gargano promontory that even today define the identity of some municipalities helping to create a unique rural landscape.
Thanks to the support of Slow Food, the Consortium for the Promotion and Protection of Gargano Citrus Fruit was set up, and this fruit is now sold all over Italy in the form of jams, candied peel and lemon liqueurs.

Slow Food is a global movement involving a million people in 150 countries and works to ensure that everyone can have access to good, clean and fair food: good because it is healthy as well as pleasant from the organoleptic point of view; clean because it is environmentally friendly and respects the well-being of animals; fair because it respects the work of those that produce it, process it and distribute it.

Through the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity non-profit organisation, the international association is committed to safeguarding the biodiversity of cultivated and wild varieties, as well as cultivation and production methods.

There are over 300 products in Italy and almost 600 product in 68 more countries in the world that Slow Food helps to save from extinction, through the Slow Food Presidia project. Overall, 13 thousand producers are involved.


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