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No ammonia
No resorcinol
No para-phenylenediamine
No alcohol
Dermatologically tested on sensitive skins 
Tested for nickel, cobalt, chromium, palladium and mercury*

* Each less than five parts per million. Small amounts may be responsible for skin sensitisation.

Light brown copper Light brown copper

5.4 - Light brown copper

Permanent hair colouring treatment that gives an intense, natural and shiny result. It ensures long-lasting colour, optimal coverage of grey hair and is gentle on sensitive scalp and hair.

People who are looking for a product that is very well-tolerated by the skin and ensures intense, brilliant, long-lasting colour and excellent coverage of grey hair.

Bio-Colorist is enriched with sustainable and organic Argan Oil: an exclusive active ingredient that leaves hair soft, nourished and shiny. Because it has a high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it favours cell oxygenation and protects the skin from external aggressions by neutralising free radicals.

  • Hair will be evenly coloured with natural and brilliant tones
  • Nourished and restructured hair 
  • Excellent coverage of grey hair
  • 1 50ml single-dose Tube of Colouring Cream 
  • 1 75ml single-dose bottle of Revealing cream 
  • 1 pair of single-use gloves
  • 1 10ml envelope of Post Coloring Bio-Color Protect Shampoo
  • 1 10ml envelope of Post Coloring Bio-Color Protect Mask

EXTERNAL USE. Before using, carefully read the instructions, the warnings and the precautions for use on the package and on the leaflet. Perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before every application.

application sequence


Put on the single-use gloves provided.

Light brown copper


Squeeze all the content of the tubes into the applicator bottle.

Light brown copper


Shake the bottle until it contains a fluid mixture.

Light brown copper


Distribute 2/3 of the mixture on hair regrowth

Light brown copper

Leave on for 20 min.


Apply the rest of the mixture on mid-lengths and ends

Light brown copper

Leave on for 15 min.


Without putting the gloves off, emulsify scalp and hair

Light brown copper

Rinse with plenty of water.


Apply the Bioclin Bio-Color Protect shampoo and mask.

Light brown copper


Rinse with care.

Light brown copper


1. Colouring 2. Cleansing. 3. Conditioning & Treating

Light brown copper Light brown copper
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