Phyidrium-Es Crystals Elasticizing Fluid Protective Sheath and Enhances Radiance

A powerful ally against daily stress.
Bioclin Phydrium-Es Elasticizing Fluid protects against smog, sea ​​salt, sunlight and severe weather conditions, forming a sheath around the hair and bringing moisture and nourishment with a pool of restructuring vegetable active ingredients.

Soft hair, shining and easily combable.


  • Performs a strong elasticizing, nourishing and protective action (Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin F).
  • Covers her hair with a sheath effect, repairing and protecting it from weathering and environmental agents.


Apply a small amount of product on hair previously washed and wiped. Spread it with your fingers down the length of the hair, insisting particularly on the ends. If necessary, spread the product evenly with the aid of a comb, then dry as usual.

For all hair types.


  • Non greasy, clean touch, not heavy hair
  • SLES and SLS free
  • Parabens free
  • Colouring free
  • Perfume allergen free*
  • Dermatologically and microbiologically tested
  • Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt, Palladium and Mercury tested**


* as per annex III of Regulation EC 1223/2009.
** Less than 1 part per million each. Small quantities can be responsible for skin sensitization.

Bottle: 100 ml.