Phydrium-Es Frequent Use Dermatological Shampoo Energizing and Protective

Bioblin Phydrium-Es Dermatological Shampoo for normal hair has a very delicate cleansing base and active ingredients of vegetable origin that take care of both skin and hair.

Nourished hair, visibly more beautiful.


  • Performs an effective anti-oxidizing and protective action (Antiox-Bio Complex, made up of Tocopherols and Tocotrienols – by-products of Rice Bran Oil).
  • Performs a strengthening, moisturizing and elasticizing action, without altering or damaging the structure of the hair or of the skin (Hydrolized Proteins of Soy, Corn and Wheat).


Apply a suitable amount of product on wet hair, massaging the scalp gently, then rinse.

Daily use.


  • SLES and SLS free
  • Parabens free
  • Colouring free
  • Perfume allergen free*
  • Dermatologically and microbiologically tested
  • Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt, Palladium and Mercury tested**

* as per annex III of Regulation EC 1223/2009.
** Less than 1 part per million each. Small quantities can be responsible for skin sensitization.

Bottle: 300 ml.