Acnelia K Smoothing and Repairing Treatment

Specific emulsion with selected micro-exfoliating active ingredients that smooth the skin texture and act targetedly on the imperfections of impure, acne-prone skin.

Skin impurities are soon removed, the redness lessens and the skin regains an even and bright look.


  • Owing to its gentle micro-exfoliant action, it smooths the skin surface and improves the appearance of skin imperfections, accelerating their reabsorption (Sodium Salicylate 2%).
  • Regulates and normalizes sebum production and prevents the proliferation of bacteria responsible for acne, favoring an “anti-recurrence” action (Acnacidol ™ BG 3%, Zinc and Copper PCA 0.3%).
  • Lessens skin redness (Soothing Complex).
  • Neutralizes the shiny look of face (Mattifying Illuminating Complex).


After appropriate cleansing with Bioclin Acnelia Clansing Gel or Mousse, dry your face and apply the product in the morning and in the evening, avoiding the eye contour, and massaging gently until complete absorption.


  • Perfume allergen free*
  • Colouring free
  • Parabens free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Clinically, dermatologically and microbiologically tested
  • Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt, Palladium and Mercury tested**

*as per annex III of Regulation EC 1223/2009.
**Less than 1 part per million each. Small quantities can be responsible for skin sensitization.

Tube: 30 ml.