Ethics Charter

Strength from Nature, Safety from Research. In 7 steps

  1. Italian Brand
    Bioclin, a leading brand in cosmetics, is totally Made in Italy.
  2. Research and development according to pharmaceutical tradition:
    All products are the result of 70 years of research in dermatology and pharmaceuticals. Rigorous tests and methods of control verify their stability under extreme conditions.
  3. Dermatological DNA
    In Bioclin laboratories nature meets science and modern scientific techniques to find targeted solutions to every dermatological problem with natural active principles.
  4. Safety
    The Bioclin product packaging is designed to preserve at best the integrity of formulas.
  5. Quality
    The active principles contained in the formulas are strictly selected, to guarantee the highest quality and the maximum cosmetic pleasantness.
  6. Tolerance
    All the products are tested to ensure excellent skin tolerance, even on particularly sensitive and reactive skins. For this reason, all the Bioclin products are:
    - 5 metal tested: Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt, Palladium and Mercury, the most common skin-sensitizing metals;
    - Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.
  7. Reliability
    Bioclin products are reliable allies in solving the everyday problems of the skin.
    - SLES or SLS free
    - Coloring free
    - Non-comedogenic
    - Perfumes allergen free
    - Delicate on skin